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Career Spotlight: Welder

Not a big fan of sitting at desk 9-5? Then don’t! There are plenty of careers that require hands-on work. During this year’s Career Institute, students have the chance to learn about production, maintenance, and repair welding for construction and manufacturing careers. Students will learn safety, blueprints, welding processes and equipment settings in a specially equipped simulation trailer.
Welder at work

The active nature of the job isn’t the only reason why many individuals pursue a career in welding. Welders work in a wide variety of industries, however, 60% work in manufacturing. Projects could range from pipelines, motor sports, military machinery, to ship building and repair. There is even an opportunity to do underwater welding! The work that welders do and the equipment they use vary with the industry. Welding is a great chance for someone to combine their love of active, hands-on work with problem solving and innovation. After some training sessions and skill lessons, welding may be the perfect option for a recently graduated high school student. Welding can be a very rewarding career.

Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics

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