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Believe it or not, the technology jobs of the future are int he Manufacturing sector.

Both local companies and global companies are becoming more and more automated. As they do, the need for people with a strong background in engineering, technology, and computer know-how grow in demand.

This sector is one of the top-three sectors in Minnesota, and has grown 9% since 2010.

Many entry-level positions in this field require no or very little secondary education. This means you can start right out of high school without student debt.

However, many other careers require special certifications, degrees, or internships.

There are more than 322,000 Minnesotans working in the Technology, Engineering & Manufacturing career fields in diverse and well-paying jobs!

Careers in this field

Career Entry Level Experienced
Welders $25,000 $45,000
Machine Operators $30,000 $45,000
Mechanics $40,000 $72,000
Boiler Operators $41,000 $63,000
Mechanical Technician $50,000 $79,000
Computer Programers $61,000 $96,000

These are just a few careers that you can purse in this field.

*Estimates based on salary expert.com using Marshall, MN as a reference.

Clusters in this field

  • Science, Engineering, and Mathematics
  • Architecture and Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation and Distribution

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