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What is the future of communications?

People communicate in countless ways and how people communicate continues to change.

We can connect through arts, entertainment, technology, journalism, print, social media, networks, and whatever the next great invention brings.

As our world advances technological communication, art and information systems have become more intertwined.

Performing and visual arts combine in social media. Journalism crosses every platform.

Graphic design converges programming knowledge to become interactive content via apps, video games, and cross-platform media.

Information systems help combine all of these and jobs in these areas continue to grow in demand as companies grow larger, workers complete their work remotely, and new ways to communicate are developed.

Careers in this field

Job Title Entry Level Experienced
Reporter $22,000 $48,000
Technical Writer $35,000 $75,000
Graphic Designer $38,000 $69,000
Software Developer $45,000 $96,000
Network Technician $50,000 $83,000
Computer Programmer $61,000 $96,000

These are just a few careers that you can purse in this field.

*Estimates based on salary expert.com using Marshall, MN as a reference.

Clusters in this field

  • Information Technology
  • Arts & Communication
  • Audio / Video / Gaming Technology

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