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More Than Just Your Family Farm

The Minnesota Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources career field is an $18 billion per year industry which includes way more than just your local family farm.

If you love the outdoors, science, animals or technology, there is a home for you in the Ag, Food, and Natural Resources field.

It’s not just dirt, soil, and mud; nor is it animals, crops, and tractors… it is sustainability, growth and innovation! The industry has more than 1.3 million acres dedicated to conservation and wetland reserve programs.

Career paths in this area offer you a chance to help reduce carbon footprints through technological advancement, protecting waterways and systems through biological processes, and so much more!

With hundreds of careers to choose from, and a variety of educational opportunities (certifications, two year and trade schools), you are sure to find your path!

Careers in this field

Job Title Entry Level Experienced
Vet Technician $22,000 $35,000
Resource Specialist $26,000 $48,000
Crop Specialist $27,000 $48,000
Commercial Driver $36,000 $65,000
Ag Sales/Fieldman $38,000 $67,000
Soil & Crop Specialist $51,000 $89,000

These are just a few careers that you can purse in this field.

*Estimates based on salary expert.com using Marshall, MN as a reference.

Clusters in this field

  • Animal and Agriculture Business Systems
  • Natural Resources Systems
  • Food Production & Processing
  • Environmental Services

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